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Monash Collision Repairs has been growing its operations in and around Clayton, Mt Waverley, Glen Waverley, and Mulgrave. One of the main reasons for our success is the fact that our European Car Specialists offer the best car repairs and servicing solutions in the region. Our qualified European car experts can provide your luxury rides these services and much more:

Brake Repairs – Almost all European car models come with ABS or Anti Braking System. It is one of the best systems in the world, but like any other set of brakes, if it is not serviced on time, it could compromise the safety of your vehicle. Our European Car Specialists will not only run checks on them but can offer you replacements if required.

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Transmission & Clutch Services – Whether your European car has auto or manual transmission, they must be inspected for wear and tear. When it comes to clutching, the lines and fluids also must be checked. As part of our car repair service, our mechanics provide refill for these fluids and replacement for your clutch and transmission unit as per requirement.

Airbags – The airbag system in your European car is bound to be top of the line. But they need to be checked to see if they are still functioning. If you have been careful enough to avoid activating them, our mechanics can run diagnostics to see if they are still functional. We also provide replacement for them.

Shocks & Suspension – If you hear your suspension squeaking, then make sure you bring your car over so that our European car specialists can have a look at them. Compromised shocks and suspensions could harm more than a few parts of your car and even prove to be unsafe.

Wheel Alignment / Balancing – After a few years or a few thousands of kilo metres, regardless of the car’s brand, you should always get your wheel alignment and balancing done. It will not only improve the safety of your car, but it will so make sure that your tyres don’t wear out sooner than
they should.

Tyres – At Monash Collision Repairs, we also take care of your European car tyres. Sometimes, drivers prefer to have European tyre brands for their rides, and you will be happy to know that we provide them at our store.

EFI Servicing & Repairs – Though Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system is quite common in cars these days, the ones found in a European car are high end and not easy to maintain. They are required to be checked by European car specialists regularly. The same goes for Cooling System in these cars. The fluids and gas in them have to be of a specific type and need to be changed periodically.

Mechanical & Electronic Servicing & Repairs – Most European cars come with the most complex electronics that you can imagine. If they are compromised, they can never be fixed by untrained hands. Our European car specialists are qualified to take care of them. Even when it comes to the car air conditioning, our mechanics know how to service them properly.

Exhaust Repairs – It is important to get your car’s exhaust services properly as it could affect the efficiency of its performance. It also affects the car’s fuel consumption ratio. We can provide you with components if your exhaust requires it.

Why Choose Us as European Car Specialist?

There are just 3 simple factors that make us the best European Car Specialist in the region-Experience, Knowledge, and Accessibility.
The car mechanics at Monash Collision Repairs are experienced and have dealt with a wide range of cars and brands over the years. They know how to approach a problem and offer targeted solutions to ensure that your European Car keeps performing the way it is meant to.
We also ensure that our car repair experts are constantly upgrading their knowledge of whatever is new and latest when it comes to European Cars. They undergo company-guided training and are certified to conduct all repairs.
What sets us apart is how easily we can access the parts for your European car. There are very few who can do it as efficiently as us and we provide the best and the most affordable rates for them.
So, if you are looking for a European Car Specialist for your car repairs, then call now at 03 8555 3030 and talk to our car experts and check out what services we can provide for you in Clayton, Mt Waverley, Glen Waverley, and Mulgrave.

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