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Claiming car insurance in Melbourne can become a tricky affair. There are many who prefer to make the claims on their own, but there are very few who understand the complexities and nuances that various clauses in an insurance contain.

This is where the insurance claims experts at Monash Collision Repairs come to your rescue. We have been helping people in Clayton, Mt Waverley, Glen Waverley, and Mulgrave get the best claim amount on their car insurance. We are also very aware of how to get your car insurance claim processed quickly.

Given how good we are with the repairs, you are guaranteed to get the best restoration job for the amount that you get through your insurance claims.

Insurance Claims

Why We Are the Most Reliable Insurance Claims for Car Accidents in Melbourne

Our customers know very well that we can get you the best claims from your car insurance because we are very aware about how insurers look at the damage and repair work to be done on them. Besides this, there are more than few reasons why we are the best at what we do and here are a few of them:

Experience – There are many reasons for which you may have to activate your car insurance claims. But are you fully aware of what you can claim, what benefits you are eligible for, or how to go about the claiming process? If you have any of these or other problems when it comes to car insurance claims, we at Monash Collision Repairs will be more than happy to help you out. We have experts who know how to guide people so that they can make the most out of their car insurance claims. We have experience in total loss claim, not-at-fault claims, and in dealing with third-party property damage claims.

Network – One of the main reasons our customers trust us with their claims is because we deal with a wide range of insurers. Whether it be banks, insurance companies, or non-financial agencies, we have contact with them all. In fact, many insurers prefer to work with us given our understanding about how car insurance claims work. This is also the reason our customers in Clayton, Mt Waverley, Glen Waverley, and Mulgrave come to us when they need to make car insurance claims. Given how closely we work with insurers, our customers are guaranteed to get the highest amount for their claims and the best interest rates on their premiums as well.

Customer Service – There is no doubting the fact that when it comes to insurance claims, the experts at Monash Collision Repairs will stand with you from the time that you make the claim till you finally get what you are owed. We deal directly with the financial agencies to make sure that your claims are made in the most hassle-free manner possible. Whether it is making your case, filing forms, submitting reports, or even renewing your insurance, we will always be there to help you.

Favoured Repairer – Most insurance covers with high premiums will have the insurer choosing the workshop for repairs. Here again, Monash Collision Repairs are the preferred choice. Insurers like working with us because we can assess the damage and offer the right quotes that help make the car insurance claims come through with much lesser obstacles than usual. Our customers like us because the repairs that we offer are such that the value of your car does not diminish. This will help you in renewing you claim and getting a cover that is as good as the one you had prior to the repairs.

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If you are having problems with your car insurance claims, then contact the experts at Monash Collision Repairs today at 03 8555 3030.

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