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Panel beating and spray painting often goes hand in hand. After a set of extensive repairs by a panel beater, a good spray painting is required to give the car is final look. But very often, people find it difficult to get both services at the same workshop.

But now, with the panel beating and car spray painting services being offered by Monash Collision Repairs, you can get the best of both worlds under one roof. We have many customers in Clayton, Mt Waverley, Glen Waverley, and Mulgrave, who have come to us and have seen the quality we offer on both fronts.

Car Panel Beaters

Benefits of Panel Beating

The panel beaters at Monash Collision Repairs have built a reputation for themselves that is hard to beat. Here’s a quick look at how our customers have benefited from our panel beating services:

Best Tools & Techniques – The panel beaters at Monash Collision Repairs work only with the best tools in the market. They have been trained by the best and have all the required certification to operate in Victoria. They employ many different techniques to restore your car’s outer body. Whether the damage is minor or major, our team of panel beaters can take care of it without any hassles.

Proper Restoration – The main aim for our panel beating specialists is to restore your damaged car to its former glory. Their experience in dealing with various types of models and brands have familiarised them with a variety of restoration techniques. Some of these methods are unique to a particular model or brand of car. This level of knowhow has given us an edge over our competition.

Economical – The primary reason for you to come to our workshop to have your car’s damage repaired is because of the sentiments attached to the vehicle. But the cost factor also plays a big part in your decision to approach our panel beating specialists. This is largely because of the low costs involved in panel beating as compared to buying a brand-new car.

Satisfaction – One thing that you are guaranteed to get at Monash Collision Repairs is 100% satisfaction. We have always made sure that our customers leave our workshop happy and content with our work. We also accommodate request from our customers for any specific modification they require on the panels.

Benefits of Spray Painting

At Monash Collision Repairs, we offer the best paint job in the Clayton region and its adjoining suburbs. Here are some of the benefit you get from our spray painting services:

Better Resale Value – One of the easiest ways to boost the value of your car is by giving it a fresh paint job. Spray painting solutions by Monash Collision Repairs not only increases the resale value of your car but also restores your vehicle’s true identity.

Repair scratches and marks – If you have taken your car for panel beating or smash repairs after an accident, then it should undergo spray painting. The coat of paint will cover up all the marks of the repairs and it will also take care of any other minor scratches or swirl marks on the body of your vehicle.

Cost Effective Option – Many consider spray painting to be an expensive affair. Well, they are not wrong, but they are also nowhere close to being right. Today, there are many spray painting options available that provide customers with affordable solutions. One such option at our workshop is the clear coat spray. It is a transparent paint coat that will make your car’s existing paint shine while offering an extra layer of protection.

New Look – If your car’s colour is fading or if you want to give it a new look, then we have the perfect solution for you. We offer multiple colouring option for spray painting. Whether you are looking for chrome paint, gold spray paint, or wraps, we offer all of these under one roof.

Quality Finishing – Above all else, the spray painting services that we offer is without a doubt the best in the business. We use industrial grade equipment like airless paint sprayer to offer high-quality spray paint job and give an even tone to every part of your car.

Rely on Us for Panel Beater and Spray Painting Services

As we have said before, regardless of the damage that your vehicle suffers, our panel beaters can offer a range of services to take care of the problem. Our spray-painting techniques and the colours that we offer our customers are hard to match at any level.

So, if you are in Clayton, Mt Waverley, Glen Waverley, or Mulgrave, then pick up that phone and call Monash Collision Repairs now at 03 8555 3030 to know more about our panel beating and spray painting services.

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